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Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA

Project Synopsis

Viva Delicious, a new ground-breaking digital web series that delivers Latin lifestyle entertainment and engages with audiences across the nation. As we bring unique content showcasing Latin cuisine, dance, music, and local business. Plus the show features interesting culinary interviews, and dynamic programming for our viewers. We are currently seeking Latino talent that can host web series content.


We’re looking for a Latino Hispanic (female) host for a web pilot featuring some of Las Vegas, NV's best Latin restaurants, music, beverages and dance. We are looking for a friendly, energetic, engaging, and Latin food lovin’ angeleno.


Some experience on-camera hosts/anchors for our entertainment talk show which is filmed in Los Angeles, CA; this is a paid project, non-union, freelance position, requiring poise and style, on-camera experience with prompters, fluent Spanish and English.


• High energy and engaging personality preferred

• Must be Fluent in Spanish and English

• Incredibly detail oriented

• Personable, excellent communication skills, and professional attitude

• Reliable and capable of meeting aggressive deadlines

• Must have some experience hosting

• Ability to read prompter in natural and organic manner

• Improv experience a plus

• Age 18 and above

• Good interview skills

• Comfortable on-air

Project Notes:

What is Viva Delicious? Combining cuisine, music, dance, and of course celebrities. That’s what Viva Delicious is all about. . . a fun Hollywood novel spin on high- end Latin restaurant reviews with classy and attractive Latino hosts featuring the trendiest Latin hot spots for dining, plus amazing live salsa music and dance.

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